Another litter hopefully due end September 2022, a repeat mating of the very successful litter born in 2021, FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn mated to Bournepark Cecilla x FTW Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver. The first litter has produced dogs with looks, drive and intelligence, exactly what we hoped for! We will know the outcome in two/three weeks or so. Watch this space!!!

We are very happy to announce that Bournepark Cecilla has been scanned and is pregnant, due date for puppies birth is September 25th 2022.

UPDATE……… 10 healthy puppies born on Thursday 22nd September 2022, They are doing great! We have 6 male pups and 4 female pups, if they turn out  like the first litter which is a copy of this litter then we will be extremely happy.