Bournepark Gundogs take their name from a shooting estate in East Kent. Part of this estate is run as a pheasant shoot and has been for very many years, the late Peter Moxon used top pick up on this estate back in the late 1940’s and 50’s

There is a mansion that is part of the estate built circa 1700 near to the city of Canterbury

Peter Moxon used to be involved in Spaniel field trials and was the journalist contributing to the gundog column for the Shooting Times for many years originally coming from the village of Bekesbourne near to the estate. I myself lived and was brought up in a small village not far away called Littlebourne, it was here as a child that I leaned to fish and to hunt and then became very interested in dog training at the local club

The Kennel Club first registered our prefix BOURNEPARK in 1982