Shooting & Training Dogs on Live Game

Eric Burchell has been in the business of organizing shooting and dog training trips for over 30 years, parties of guns to the UK, in England, Ireland and Scotland as well as mainland Europe and the USA

If you are interested in joining, either with your dog to educate him further or without a dog and want to shoot game yourself then you do not need to be a top dog trainer but you do need to have shooting experience

The expectation for you and your dog can be extended, Eric Burchell is an English Kennel Club Field Trial Judge ID no 2027 and will be on hand to offer help and advice to dog owners/trainers and also to help with the organization of the shooting party to ensure that the days are orientated towards good dog training and safe shooting!

All of our training/shooting parties are limited in number availability and we are available to guide this coming season 2023


Cortachy Castle, Angus Scotland                                Saxhytte Estate Sweden


Copeland Islands, Northern Ireland                        Waynoka, Woods County Oklahoma USA


Franklin County Tennessee USA                                       Franklin County Tennessee USA