Well its 40 years this year that I established and applied for the prefix with the English Kennel Club for the prefix “Bournepark”

Over the 40 year period since I started and its been an interesting and somewhat crazy learning curve, I have sold dogs to many countries both as puppies, trained and part trained as shooting and competition candidates

I have travelled the world working in many many countries, Africa, Asia, USA, Scandinavia, lots of Europe and the Seychelles to name a few, mostly with my dogs with my breeding

My first litter of Springer puppies set me on the road to realising and understanding how important it is to have well bred dogs to train and work with, “it takes as much to feed a bad dog as it does to feed a good one”

I have learned a lot and I’m still learning , I have met many great people along the way, the journey isn’t finished yet!!