Private Training



Eric Burchell is offering private training and group consultancies. Eric is a current B Panel Judge (Spaniels) for the English Kennel Club,Judge ID number 2027. These sessions will be held to suit owners and individual dogs, we are offering these classes in The Netherlands and can offer great facilities for our clients

These sessions will be open to any breed of hunting dog either retriever, pointing dog or flushing dog

The sessions will comprise of basic obedience, learning how to shape behavior with issues like retrieving and delivery of the object (dummy or bird-rabbit) teaching the reluctant hunter how to hunt, steadiness to game and retrieve, water work (reluctant swimmers) how to deal with problems with gun shyness and noise problems (shooting at close quarters) whistle control both within 5 metres

For more advanced dogs how to produce accurate long distance marking and retrieving, stopping at a long distance, directional control, jumping at long distances and how to teach your dog to release un-shot game, all behaviours that make working a dog in the field much more manageable and succesful

All of these problem and unwanted behaviors are usually man made and can with accurate professional training be excluded

During these lessons we will have our own dogs being used as distraction to other dogs, cross retrieving and conducting exercises which they will encounter in the real shooting field which would usually be a huge cause of concern and frustration to the owner because the dog has been exposed to a level of poor performance before being trained in a competent manner able to deal with this

We have available some of the latest directional technology to teach blinds and marked retrieves at exceptionally long distances

Classes for groups can are arranged, one handler one dog with a maximum of 6 . We can go through from puppy to adult dogs covering all aspects to get your dog into the hunting/ test/ competition field constructed in a proper professional manner and with you learning in a correct way, learning not just one way but with many options on how to deal with the difficulties encountered by novice trainers/handlers/owners

Our training principles are based on operant conditioning and in no way do we promote and advise any aversive and old fashioned methods to produce desired results

This type of training can be conducted with time lines to suit but by strict appointment times only. The training sessions will be based on one hour time slots but also by the work ethic of individual dogs, also group training can be arranged to suit

We have already some professional trainers on our books and one winner of the prestgious competition “The Nimrod“In The Netherlands

For more information on the cost of these appointments please e mail from the contact page